Would you like to add insurance to your Xplorco adventure? You’ve probably been asked that in one way or another over the years. The question is often met with hemming and hawing and the wheels are always spinning wondering, ‘do I really need this?’ Maybe we can save you the trouble in the future. The answer is a resounding yes. A vacation is an investment that you need to protect and travel insurance is the perfect way to do it.

Don't let your trip get ruined because you didn't have travel insurance.

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What makes travel insurance so important?

If You Cancel Your Trip or Your Trip Cancels On You

The biggest thing and most used reason for travel insurance being so important is if you’re needing to cancel your vacation. Look, stuff happens. Sometimes you’re all ready in February to go to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a family trip in July, but any number of qualifying events can pop up and force you to be unable to go on the vacation. Having insurance allows you to cancel that trip and not lose out on your investment.

Travel Insurance can protect you from weather-related cancelation.

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And sometimes the weather or other things out of your control are reasons for cancelation. Try planning a trip to the southeast during hurricane season and you’ll know that you’re constantly on alert. If you’ve got travel insurance, your investment is safe even if Mother Nature isn’t.

If You Need Medical Help

Many plans also have medical coverage for any emergency issue that might come up while traveling. This isn’t quite as big of a deal when you’re traveling domestically, but on international trips, many countries actually require you to have insurance. A good travel insurance plan will at least help to take care of medical costs, which can be a huge burden when you’re traveling that you simply don’t have to think about.

If You Lose Something

Picture this: you’ve arrived at the airport in whatever tropical location you’re spending your next few days and you’re waiting for your luggage…but it never comes. Having insurance will help you to both recover your bags and get reimbursement for all the replacement items you might need to buy. And worse, what if you lose your passport? With lost passport coverage, having insurance will help you replace and pay for your new one so you can get home easily.

For such a low price relative to the cost of your vacation, it’s really a very simple decision to make. We’ll offer you even more peace of mind with travel protection from VacationGuard. You can protect your stars, expressways and other vacations with VacationGuard and it only takes seconds to affordably protect your vacation investment. This protection is offered up to 14 days prior to travel, so make sure to keep that in mind! When you’re booking your next Xplorco journey, say yes to your travel insurance to ensure your investment is protected and you can enjoy that vacation without a care in the world.

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