‘Tis the season for New Year’s Resolutions. As the calendar shifts from 2018 to 2019, millions and millions and millions and fine, you get the idea are looking to better themselves heading into the new year. Would you believe that traveling can accomplish so much to enrich your life and improve your health? Xplorco members can attest to that, so if you’re a member, make it your resolution to keep traveling. If you’re not, make it your resolution to become a member to make it easier!

A simple search on the internet for “why traveling is good” will turn up literally hundreds of results, but if that doesn’t convince you, think about that feeling when you get home from a vacation. You’re relaxed and refreshed and while a lot of that is simply that you were away from life’s problems, you’re truly experiencing some of the best and nourishing effects of traveling.

Dr. Oz in Sardinia

According to Dr. Oz, traveling for pleasure as your New Year’s Resolution can help you in the following ways:

  • Vacations can lower men’s risk of death in general by 21 percent and death from heart issues by 32 percent.
  • In women, not taking vacations is actually associated with a higher risk of heart disease.
  • Women who travel frequently are more relaxed, less depressed, less tired and are generally happier in their marriages.

Some other scientific facts in favor of making traveling more your New Year’s Resolution:

  • Travel exposes you to different environments, which creates stronger antibodies and boosts your immune system. If you stay in the same place forever, you’re never exposed to differences, which is what helps make up your immune system. By getting out of town, you’re actually making yourself stronger.
  • It’s no surprise, but travel increases happiness and reduces stress. And that doesn’t go away the second you get back to the office or a messy house. The improvements last for weeks.
  • Traveling actually expands your mind, which results in improved brain health. New experiences increase cognitive flexibility. Studies have shown a connection between traveling and increased creativity.
  • Travel keeps you in better shape, even though you spend a lot of travel time just sitting around. We tend to try new things when traveling, which leads to a lot more movement than you’d typically do at home. Even if you’re just on the beach all day, walking on the sand will give you a workout.
  • Those who travel have a longer life expectancy. With stress reduction and brain boosting power, it makes perfect sense if you really think about it.

So there you have it. Travel more, be healthier. What better way to achieve so many goals in your New Year’s Resolution than to vow to travel more. Luckily, we can help that! So book that vacation today to get started on keeping that resolution.

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Source: Why Traveling Is Good For Your Health and Seven Scientific Facts That Prove Travel is Good For Your Health