Nestled in the center of the valley of the sun are two amazing Scottsdale resorts perfect for a three-day stay or six-week vacation. The Scottsdale Links Resort and Scottsdale Villa Mirage are amazing places to stay for anyone traveling to the Southwest looking for pretty much anything to do on your next Xplorco journey. And if you’re looking for that great weather, forget about it. You can’t beat Scottsdale (well, maybe it’s a little hot in the summer months, but it’s still great).

Two Scottsdale Resorts with Great Experiences

Scottsdale Links Resort

Scottsdale Resorts - Scottsdale Links Resort

Photo by Nicolette Martin

Scottsdale Links Resort features a ton of amenities for guests to participate in with grills all around the property for easy access to get your barbecue on as well as a great swimming pool and tons of common areas for games, gathering and gabbing. If you’ve got kids, the resort has an awesome jungle gym for them to play on. If you need a workout, there’s a well-equipped gym on the premises. It has everything!

Scottsdale Resort - Scottsdale Links Resort

The pool at Scottsdale Links Resort offers a great chance at tranquility. Photo by Nicolette Martin

What Else To Do

If you love chess, check out the human-sized chess board to try to be able to capture your travel-mate’s queen and win a game. Basically find just about anything you can imagine to enjoy a stress-free vacation in the desert with a wonderful mountain-view that you just can’t find many other places. It’s truly a beautiful place to stay.

Scottsdale Villa Mirage

Scottsdale Resorts - Scottsdale Villa Mirage

One of the other places that can offer that lifestyle is just a few minutes down the road at the Scottsdale Villa Mirage, where you can find all sorts of similar activities such as the life-size chess game, an amazing pool and much more. With morning social events for members, including coffee and donuts as well as all that amazing sunshine, it’s hard to make a wrong choice between these two resorts.

Scottsdale Resorts - Scottsdale Villa Mirage

The serenity garden at Scottsdale Villa Mirage offers an amazing opportunity to reflect on life and relax in the desert. Photo by Nicolette Martin

What Else to Do

Take a quiet walk through the serenity garden where you can collect your thoughts, breathe in the perfect Scottsdale air and ponder everything. Or head on over to the greens to practice your putting while your kids play in the pool just a short walk away. Your suite may have a kitchen, but you don’t even have to go back to it for lunch with the Aqua Poolside Eatery available to get you your fix while you’re taking in those rays on the grounds.

Or there’s nothing wrong with heading back to that suite where you can find a full kitchen and a home away from home feel, which is really true in either of these two amazing resorts. Come on back there to refresh yourself for your day out on the amazing Scottsdale and Phoenix area scene.

Some of the amazing things to do in the area include tons of golf. Truly, if you golf, this is heaven for you. But if that’s not your thing or you need a break from the greens, you can also visit live shows, planetariums, art shows, professional sporting events, including spring training for 15 Major League Baseball teams in February and March, and just about anything else you can possibly imagine. Oh yeah, and there’s delicious food at basically every turn. If you like tacos and southwest cuisine, this is the city for you and these are the Scottsdale resorts for you because they put you so close to the action.

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