No matter how many amazing trips your Xplorco membership takes you on, it’s still a stressful time with a lot of different things to worry about when you leave home for even just a couple days. It’s extremely helpful to find travel products that can help to eliminate some of that stress and allow you to enjoy your vacation as well as you possibly can.

Nine Travel Products to Help Eliminate Vacation Worries

Home Monitoring

Travel Products - Home Security

It probably doesn’t hurt to have someone come by the house while you’re gone and maybe make some tire tracks in the snow or something, but home security cameras are even better. You can see who’s at your door whenever someone is there or be notified if something weird happens. You never have to worry what’s going on if you can just open your phone and check it out, even when you’re sitting on the beach.

Travel Wallet

Travel Products - Travel Wallet

This is one of the travel products that will give you peace of mind all the time and make it very convenient for you when paying for things on the go. A good wallet will be an RFID blocker and will allow you to put all your cards, cash and even your passport in one place to reduce the need to be thinking about three or four different pockets when you’re in an unfamiliar city.

Luggage Locks

Travel Products - Luggage Locks

Yes, it’s smart to lock your luggage when you’re traveling, but there are other uses for the locks. You might want to lock your bag when you leave it at the reception desk because you’re not quite ready to check in or maybe you need to rent a locker at the airport. They’re super small, so even if you’re not locking your bag for the flight because you’re only carrying on or for some other reason, you’ll have it ready to go when you need it.

Activity Tracker

Travel Products - Activity Tracker


Vacations can be some of the most unhealthy and healthy times simultaneously, so an activity tracker is one of those travel products that can be really enlightening. You might eat a 1,600 calorie meal with family and friends and then go walk four miles to get back to your condo or hotel. You don’t need to have something tracking your movements because they happen whether you track it or not, but it’s nice to know. Plus, many of the trackers allow you to track your sleep as well, so you can see if you’re sleeping well or need to change something up to get the most out of your vacation and not be yawning through the whole thing.

Luggage Tracking

Travel Products - Luggage Tracker

There might not be a more sinking feeling than an airline losing your luggage. They’re going to find it (probably), but if you have a luggage tracker, you’ll know where it is to get it tracked down even quicker. You can see on an app where your bags are at all times. And there are smaller ones too to make sure you know where your keys or wallet are when you’re at your destination to not have the stress of flipping every couch cushion over to find them.

Beach Safe

Travel Products - Beach Safe

The beach is amazing. But it’s also stressful because you have to bring everything with you to get there and then you just want to relax. But you can’t because you’re always worried that someone might snatch your wallet or keys or phone or really anything. Enter the safe. Just put everything in the safe, lock it up and fret no more.

Backup Phone Charger

You’re using your phone constantly throughout your vacation. Just throw in a charging bank and a cord in your bag to make sure you’re ready to go at a moment’s notice. This is one of those travel products that you probably don’t think about until you really need it. Don’t get caught in front of a beautiful sunset without any juice on your phone to take that picture.

Travel Insurance

A lot of people say no to the insurance, and we get it. But during snowy or wet seasons, it’s definitely worth the purchase to avoid missing out on getting your money back if there’s emergency weather or even family emergencies. It doesn’t cost all that much relative to the potential savings and you can choose from different policies and price points. Plus, some countries require it for entrance if you’re traveling internationally.

Portable Luggage Scale

Travel Products - Luggage Scale

This is one of those travel products that you can probably get by without, but why? You don’t have to be unsure heading to the airport if you’re going to have the opportunity to carry on or be forced to check or if you’ll have to pay extra fees. They now make these tiny scales and some even double as a charger for your phones, so you can combine a couple travel products for the maximum value.

Not all nine of these are for everyone, but they can all be really helpful when you’re making your next Xplorco journey. What travel products can you not live without when you’re traveling that we didn’t mention?

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Source: 9 Travel Products That Take the Stress Out of Your Vacation, Smarter Travel