Don’t turn your holiday season into holiday sneezin’. If you’re leaving town on your next Xplorco adventure over the next few weeks during the holidays, you’re surely going to be traveling with a lot of people. The travel can be great for your psyche because you need that time off, but it can definitely take a toll on your health. There’s stress as well as a change in your sleep schedule, eating habits and simply the fact that you’re likely going to be around a lot of strangers. What can you do to stay feeling good? Luckily we have some holiday travel health tips to keep you fresh all season long.

Holiday Travel Health Tips

Plan Meals in Advance

Pack healthy snacks in your carry-on bag, so you can eat when you’re hungry on the flight. A small bag of nuts will keep you full or some low-sugar energy bars. And if you’re driving, don’t eat heavy before you get in the car. You’ll be both drowsy and uncomfortable. A low-fat meal and some snacks will make your trip much better.

Holiday Travel Health Tips - Eat Nuts

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

This is sometimes easier said than done when you’re excited to get out of town, but it’s important. Make sure you’re all packed up so you can get to bed early. Research shows that even skipping a bit of sleep can make you more susceptible to a cold, and you don’t want that while you’re supposed to be having fun.

Stay Active

Exercise as much as you can because it’ll boost both your energy and your mood. It can be as simple as taking a walk around the airport terminal instead of sitting and waiting for your flight. If you have time to move around during your flight, get up to go to the bathroom just for a chance to walk. Even a few minutes will make a big difference.

No Cocktails, Coffee or Caffeine on Your Flight

Alcohol on a flight gets to you quicker because of the altitude and may enhance jet-lag symptoms. The same is true for beverages with caffeine, so your best bet is to drink as much water as possible. That’s just a good tip all the time, though.

Prepare for Unexpected Delays

This holiday travel health tip might be the most overlooked. Yes, these cause stress, but no, you can’t control them. Pack a book or two, some magazines, have some movies loaded on your tablet or whatever you need to pass the time and not feel anxious. Stress can lead to sickness, and, again, you don’t want that.

Put the Active in Your Family Activities

At the holidays, you can skate, toboggan, sled, ski, snowboard and all sorts of other things. If you’d rather stay indoors where it’s warm, walk around your condo or just do fun and zany activities in the house that get you all moving.

Bring Breakfast

Having a condo makes this super easy. Save your calories that you’d take down by going out every morning and make a healthy breakfast in the condo for everyone. Oatmeal, a nice healthy omelet or even a bowl of cereal will get the job done.

Use Apps to Stay On Track

Even if you don’t have the equipment, there are tons of apps that you can use to track calories and find workouts you can do without a gym. If you know how many calories you burned on the slopes, you can better allocate your calories for your next meal. This is pretty vital to maintaining your holiday travel health to keep you going for the whole vacation.

Follow the 80/20 Rule At Dinner

The thing that makes dieting so hard around the holidays is the food is both good and lavish. Just limit your portions and the 80/20 rule has you loading up your plate with 80 percent fresh or steamed veggies or fruit and lets you go hog wild with the other 20 percent.

Avoid Splurging and Starving

People tend to say that they over-ate at dinner, so they’ll skip the next couple meals. That just leads to overeating at the next meal you eat because you’re so hungry from not eating for so long. It’s better to break that cycle right away by starting your day with a healthy breakfast and maybe a quick workout.

Follow these tips and we can’t guarantee you’ll stay healthy during the holiday season, but you’re definitely giving yourself a better chance.

Happy Travels and Happy Holidays!

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Source: 10 Ways to Stay Healthy During Holiday Travel